More inclusive

We offer everyone the best training tools to take part in the digital revolution and seize its opportunities. Our working environment is dynamic and inclusive.

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Why join us?

Day in, day out, we strive to create a workplace where attention and care for all people translate into opportunities for well-being in the company and beyond. The initiatives range from Working Smart, our idea of flexibility for work-life integration, to training and development programmes and a rich portfolio of welfare services such as financial support and projects dedicated to family, education, sports and leisure.

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Job opportunities

Our strength is people, and we strive every day for everyone to be a protagonist of their own future with their own diversity and uniqueness. This is why we offer a stimulating working environment that is open to discussion and aimed at constant improvement. Sustainability and innovation inspire our activities and we are looking for proactive, inquisitive, dynamic people to build the Future together.

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Diversity e Inclusion

Fastweb wants to be a safe and inclusive place where people can confidently express their uniqueness.

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STEP FuturAbility District

STEP FuturaAbility District is a space for connection with the future that we have created to give everyone the opportunity to measure their aptitude for the digital transformation in progress and acquire greater awareness of how to build their own future.

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Digital well-being

Media education is a complex and multi-faceted task. This page provides educational guidance and a brief introduction to the key concepts of digital citizenship.

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Young Program

We have faith in the future, in innovation and in the contribution the younger generation can make to society.

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Fastweb Digital Academy

Fastweb Digital Academy trains you in the digital skills most sought after in the job market.
The courses, taught by experts and professionals in the relevant fields, are delivered through online or classroom courses specifically prepared for the Academy.

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Solidarity Initiatives

Fastweb has always supported the areas in which it operates by financing local projects and initiatives also through the involvement of its employees and customers.

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