Working Smart

This is the Smartworking formula in Fastweb

The flexibility to be able to choose mobile working, the option to better reconcile work commitments with those of one’s private life, reduction of costs and commuting times but with greater accountability for business results.

The Project

In 2015, Fastweb launched an initial Smart Working pilot project, in line with a new management philosophy based on flexibility and autonomy to improve work/life balance and also change the internal work culture in the pursuit of flexibility and individual responsibility.

The concept of Smart Working introduced into the company has since evolved into the concept of working smart, in other words, of redesigning the way of working through an approach designed to encourage internal involvement, efficiency, flexibility and accountability in achieving the company objectives partly owing to the ongoing use of new technologies as a tool to improve communication and corporate life.

Working Smart at Fastweb means working swiftly and intelligently, taking on the responsibility of identifying the most suitable spaces and technological tools needed on each occasion to perform at work, in the office and remotely. Following the enormous success of the trial phase, since 1 January 2016, Smart Working has therefore become a method of working that is entirely integrated in the company.

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