Fastweb Digital Academy

Fastweb Digital Academy is the school for the new digital professions. Established in Milan in 2016 within Cariplo Factory, the school is financed by Fastweb together with Fondazione Cariplo and its purpose is to promote encounters and exchanges between young people and the business world through specialised training in new digital skills, completely free of charge.

Since its foundation at the end of 2021, the Academy has already trained 16,307 participants, for a total of over 10,715 training hours, 526 training classes held in Milan, Bari, Cosenza, Genoa, Palermo, Pescara, and, since 2020, also online. We strongly believe in the importance of disseminating digital skills and therefore we want to continue and strengthen the Academy's activity in the future, reaching more and more people throughout the country.
Our goal is to train at least 500,000 people by 2025.

There are four subject areas:

Digital Design & Making
Digital Development
Digital Marketing & Communication
Digital Soft Skill

Some classes are also reserved for small-medium sized enterprises.
All Fastweb Digital Academy courses are conducted by specialists and professionals in the relevant sectors and are currently delivered online.
The courses are open and free to those who pass the selection process and include the issuing of a certificate confirming the acquired skills.

Fastweb Digital Academy also organises workshops open to the public dedicated to digital, courses dedicated to women, and courses for alternating school-work (PTCO) designed for high school students.

The initiative took inspiration from the shared awareness of Fastweb and Fondazione Cariplo about the necessity to activate resources and expertise for the creation of future professionals with strong digital skills that are today indispensable for the digital transformation of our country.

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