Why join us

We believe in a dynamic and inclusive work environment centred on our people and their needs, where everybody can give a unique contribution to the growth of the company.
We are the result of the passion and of the competence of our people and we take care of them, through specific training programs, development activities and a rich wellbeing program that includes health insurance plans, flexibility actions to promote the work-life balance such as smartworking, economic support and projects on education, culture and sport.
We Are Fastweb
Fastweb is the result of the passion, skill and ideas of its people. That's why we believe in an informal and friendly working environment, yet one that is stimulating and centred on innovation.
In Fastweb, everyone is unique, with their own name and story. Everyone makes their own contribution to the growth of the company.
Fastweb offers its employees and their families healthcare schemes, such as free life-insurance and the healthcare policy, which allow check-ups, consultations and hospitalisation at reduced rates. Fastweb Welfare also includes many exclusive advantages in the area of education, culture and sport, such as the "Run Happy Crew" training programme, which all staff can join with the support of specialised trainers.
The flexibility to be able to choose mobile working, the option to better reconcile work commitments with those of one's private life, reduction of costs and commuting times but with greater accountability for business results.
Your career path in Fastweb
Fastweb invests consistently in its people supporting them throughout their career path in the company. The constant development of potential, talent and skills is in fact the main objective of an ambitious training programme available to all employees.