Digital transformation of households and businesses

Fastweb partners with citizens, businesses and the public administration in their digital transformation, strongly believing that digital technology can improve everyone's lives from an economic, social and even environmental point of view. The company is committed to the digital growth of the country by connecting households, schools and businesses to the future.

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Fastweb invests more than a quarter of its revenues each year to bring Italy to a new speed, through the development of 5G fixed and mobile networks and Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) as well as advanced Cloud and cybersecurity technologies and services.

Fastweb is committed to bringing ultra-fast connectivity not only to large cities, but also to small and medium-sized towns in order to progressively reduce the digital divide in Italy and make gigabit connectivity available to all households and businesses by 2026.

Our objective is to offer connectivity with the best performance anywhere and any time, a simple and fast customer experience, maximum cybersecurity and data protection.

Fastweb provides to the public administration and to large companies, in addition to connectivity, also advanced services such as virtual networks, cloud, safety, internet of things, which allow for the development of new services leading toward a digital transformation for companies and smart cities.

Fastweb's contribution to the country in numbers

households and companies are reached by the Fastweb fixed network, 8 of which have a proprietary network.
invested in infrastructure from 1999 to today and another 3 billion in investments planned by 2025
households and businesses reached through connections up to 1 Gbps by 2026
of the Italian population
reached by 5G Mobile services by 2026