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Fastweb is one of the leading telecommunications operators in Italy with one of the most extensive proprietary ultra-broadband infrastructures in Europe. Since its establishment in 1999, the company has invested more than 10 billion euros in the network and today is continuing its journey towards becoming an Over the Top infrastructure operator, with the aim of providing an increasingly large percentage of the population with innovative digital services, simply and quickly, by leveraging the excellence of its new generation infrastructure.

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Fastweb's infrastructure strategy is unique and is based on the integrated approach of strategic assets such as fixed and mobile ultra-broadband networks, 5G and Data Centers that enable increasingly advanced Cloud Computing and Cyber Security services with the aim of partnering with households, businesses and the Public Administration in their journey towards digital transformation.

The fixed and mobile ultra-broadband network and 5G

Fastweb's network infrastructure is more than 68,000 kilometres long and spans the entire country. Since its foundation in 1999, the company has laid more than 4 million kilometres of fibre optic cable throughout the country. Thanks to the expansion and upgrading of its ultra-broadband network, Fastweb now reaches a total of 26 million homes and businesses, of which 8 million with its own network using Fiber-to-the-Home technology (fibre to the home) with connection speeds of up to 1 Gigabit or Fiber-to-the-Node (fibre to the intermediate node) with speeds of up to 200 Megabits per second. In addition, in the less-infrastructured areas of the country, Fastweb is rolling out its Ultra Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) network, which combines the power of fibre optics with the flexibility of 5G mobile with performance of up to 1 Gigabit per second. Today Fastweb's Ultra FWA network reaches 10 million Italian households and businesses.

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From 2020, Fastweb is also committed to building a 5G mobile network in partnership with WindTre with the aim of covering 90% of the population with fifth-generation technology by 2026. Fastweb's 5G mobile service now covers 72.2% of the population.

Thanks to 5G technology, Fastweb is accelerating its journey to become an Over the Top infrastructure operator by evolving its networks towards FTTA, i.e. the “fibre to the antenna“ model, with a view to rapidly developing a high-performance, secure and reliable fifth-generation network nationwide. Find out more.

Check here the cities reached by 5G mobile coverage.

In areas not reached by the fifth-generation mobile network, Fastweb offers 4G connectivity with speeds of up to 1 Gbps per second in download and 75 Mbps in upload thanks to mobile network coverage that is among the best in Italy.

Fixed network in numbers

of the population
reached with proprietary ultra-broadband network
of the population
with proprietary ultra-broadband network
households reached by the Ftth network
households and businesses reached by Ultra Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) by 2024

Mobile network in numbers

of the population
covered with 5G network
of the population
covered with 4G network

Data Center, Cloud Computing and Cyber Security

Fastweb has the latest generation of Data Centres in Italy, interconnected to the network, which provide services based on Cloud Computing technology and enable the most advanced cybersecurity solutions.

In addition to the cutting-edge Tier IV-certified Data Center in Milan and the brand-new Data Center in Rome, Fastweb has added “proximity“ infrastructures to offer its customers even more powerful data processing services and additional “cloud first“ computing capacity, with the aim of accelerating the development and adoption of new solutions, based on the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, by businesses and the public administration.


Fastweb has always been a forerunner in the technological trends of the market, continually reinterpreting the concept of innovation and adopting an open, widespread and transversal approach to continue to play an undisputed role in the digitalisation of the country.

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