Sustainability is one of core values of Fastweb and is deeply embedded in every business decision. For us, sustainability means helping everyone to build an increasingly connected, sustainable and inclusive future with confidence: contributing to the country's infrastructure with an ultra high-performance network, encouraging the dissemination of digital skills and the establishment of an inclusive culture, supporting the fight against climate change and promoting environmental protection.

More connected future

Our initiatives and our projects play a key role in the acceleration of Italy’s digitalisation Our goal is to progressively reduce the digital divide in Italy and the gap in terms of connection speed and service quality between large cities and small towns, to enable all households and businesses to make the most of the opportunities offered by digital technology.
We want to simplify the digital life of our customers through services that offer a simple and immediate experience, guaranteeing maximum IT security and data protection.

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More inclusive future

Digitisation is a driver of growth and social development for Italy, but everyone, without exception, must be able to seize the opportunities offered by digital services. We are committed to making our contribution to the dissemination of digital skills among citizens, to promoting the growth of a real digital culture in Italy, and to encouraging the rise of awareness of one's digital identity, in order to safeguard people's well-being online as well. We are committed to create a dynamic and inclusive working environment that puts people and their needs at the centre, encouraging the growth of talent and the inclusion of young people in the world of new digital professions.

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More eco-sustainable Future

A future is only possible if we keep the protection of the planet at the centre of our activities and choices. We are engaged in one of the major challenges of our time, namely the fight against climate change. We have set ambitious goals to reduce our carbon footprint approved by the Science Based Targets initiative. We purchase 100% of our electricity from renewable sources, we offset all our direct emissions, all emissions related to operations, i.e. the provision of services to our customers, and emissions derived from the use of services by our customers. We want to become completely Carbon neutral by 2025.
We have developed a portfolio of services to help our customers lower their emissions and reduce climate impact.

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Contribution to Sustainable Development

The United Nations 2030 Agenda, divided into 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), is the reference framework that guides our choices to ensure that they concretely contribute to the achievement of the global goals. In fact, the telecommunications and digital technology sector is an important enabler of the sustainability approach outlined by the SDGs: digital solutions can accelerate the introduction of sustainable solutions and mitigate negative environmental and social impacts.

The SDGs are highly interconnected, so any project that contributes to sustainable development helps to achieve each of them. Depending on the activities carried out, however, there are objectives on which you can act more incisively and others on which you can make an indirect contribution. In particular, through the projects and programmes in this area, Fastweb contributes directly to the achievement of 12 objectives, for example through the development of innovative digital infrastructures and solutions, the dissemination of digital skills and digital adoption, the reduction of the environmental impact of our activities and the fight against climate change.

In all our activities and in all our internal governance choices, we also abide by the directives and guidelines of international organisations and institutions, such as the UN, OECD and European Union.
This is to guarantee all stakeholders the highest quality and transparency in our products and services, in communication, in relations with employees and customers, and with public and private bodies.

With a view to continuous improvement, we adopt voluntary policies and join international programmes to give our contribution in a concrete and measurable way to a more sustainable future, integrating the well-being of people and the planet into our objectives.

Ratings, awards, memberships

In November 2021 Fastweb received the sustainability rating "EE" (Strong) from Standard Ethics, the independent rating agency active internationally in the world of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance).

The rating, based on the analysis and assessment of corporate governance, environmental and social aspects, was assigned to Fastweb for having been able to develop a sustainability governance inspired by the indications provided by the UN, OECD and European Union, with particular regard to environmental challenges, pursuing climate neutrality objectives aligned with international climate agreements and evaluated according to high standards. The rating was also attributed on the basis of the company's advanced rules on specific issues, such as generational differences, gender identity, multiculturalism, conflicts of interest, competition, taxation and the working environment.
In the opinion of Standard Ethics, Fastweb's ESG reporting is aligned with industry best practice and the long-term view is positive.

Fastweb tra gli Europe's climate leaders 2023 del Financial Times

Sustainability Leaders in 2023

Sustainability Report

Every year, we publish a Sustainability Report where we transparently describe the impact of our corporate actions on social, economic and environmental developments. The Report is drawn up according to the "GRI Sustainability Reporting Standards". Before publishing this document, we requested an assurance inspection by an independent external body which has confirmed its accuracy, quality of information and level of compliance with the declared reporting principles.

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