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Integrated Management System

The Integrated Management System is a governance tool adopted by Fastweb based on the principle of continuous improvement for the control and optimisation of business processes.

Over time, Fastweb has developed an Integrated Management System designed to control and improve its processes following the best practices set by the relevant ISO international standards.
The model adopted allows the progressive management improvement of aspects such as quality of business processes, data and information protection, service provisioning, business continuity, protection of the environment and health and safety in the workplace.

In order to guarantee that the policies and processes are implemented fully and effectively, Fastweb maintains the ISO Certifications obtained, through annual audits performed by an independent certification body internationally accredited.

The fundamental principles of the Integrated Management System are contained in the Integrated Policy that provides the basis for the definition of the company objectives with an approach based on continuous improvement of the processes.

Download the integrated policy

ISO 9001 Quality management system

  1. Certification first obtained in 2003
  2. Last audit by the Certification Body 13 November 2019

The Management System defined according to standard ISO 9001 certifies Fastweb's optimisation of the business processes by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the provision of services for Enterprise customers.

Download the certificate

ISO 14001 Environmental management system

  1. Certification first obtained in 2007
  2. Last audit by the Certification Body 20 October 2020

Grazie al sistema di gestione ambientale adottato, Fastweb garantisce il controllo degli aspetti ambientali legati alle proprie attività, definisce obiettivi e sviluppa progetti per contribuire alla lotta ai cambiamenti climatici e allo sviluppo per un futuro sostenibile.

Download the certificate

ISO 27001- Information security management system

  1. Certification first obtained in 2007
  2. Last audit by the Certification Body 28 June 2019 (for all ISO 27000 certificates)

The purpose of the information security management system is to improve the protection of confidentiality, availability and integrity of information and data managed by Fastweb, first and foremost for that of Enterprise customers. Aware of the importance of the protection of privacy and data security for Cloud Computing and Managed Security services, Fastweb has adopted advanced information security, privacy protection and incident management controls, extending the ISO 27001 certification to the ISO 27017, ISO 27018 and ISO 27035-1 guidelines.

Download the certificate ISO 27001
Download the certificate ISO 27017
Download the certificate ISO 27018
Download the certificate ISO 27035-1

ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management system

  1. Certification first obtained in (OHSAS 18001) 2010
  2. Last audit by the Certification Body 28 October 2020

The Management System adopted provides for the implementation of improvement occupational health and safety measures that go beyond the legal obligations, in order to guarantee increasing well-being for people working for Fastweb, whether they are direct employees or external supplier employees.

Download the certificate

ISO 22301 Business continuity management system

  1. Certification first obtained in 2013 (BS 25999)
  2. Last audit by the Certification Body 30 September 2020

The purpose of the ISO 22301 Management System is to guarantee business continuity in case of particularly serious events, such as earthquakes, black-outs, pandemics, etc…
While defining the processes to reduce the impact on operations, Fastweb has also defined the procedures for the timely restoration of the necessary conditions for service provisioning.
Thanks to these processes, Fastweb was able to guarantee full operational continuity during the COVID-19 emergency, implementing all of the measures planned in advance.

Download the certificate

ISO 20000 IT services management system

  1. Certification first obtained in 2013
  2. Last audit by the Certification Body 14 November 2019

Fastweb has defined the organisation, resources, processes and technologies to guarantee the efficiency of the IT services provided to meet the needs of the Enterprise customers and to deliver the commitments made to those customers.

Download the certificate