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STEP FuturAbility District is a highly technological, informative and experimental space inside the Fastweb headquarters in Piazza Adriano Olivetti in Milan. It was created to connect the community with the future through a new vision of tomorrow. A place where everyone can better understand the digital transition processes underway and how to take a leading role in them.

You are the future. Are you coming to discover it?
A ten-step course in which visitors will use their smartphones to interact with the surrounding environment and with the contents of various interactive installations. A constantly changing space that reacts and updates in real time, returning a FuturAbility index to each visitor, in other words, each visitor’s future propensity index.

With “YOU ARE THE FUTURE”, the new strategic vision based on the pursuit of the highest social responsibility and environmental sustainability standards, and on renewed commitment to the country’s infrastructure development, Fastweb is committed to making the future increasingly connected, inclusive and environmentally sustainable, supporting availability and the use of ultra-high-performance networks, encouraging the ever-expanding spread of digital skills, cultivating the growth of talent and helping to fight climate change.

STEP is one of the main symbols of this strategic vision and at the same time aims to become the beating heart of the FuturAbility District, in an area of Milan that is undergoing profound change to benefit the infinite potential for growth of the individual, the true protagonist of the future that awaits us.

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