Solidarity Initiatives

Fastweb has always supported the areas in which it operates by financing local projects and initiatives also through the involvement of its employees and customers.
Throughout 2021, Fastweb's support has taken the form of donations of money, time, materials and the skills of its people with the ultimate goal of protecting health, supporting people through technology, providing education and spreading the values of sustainability.

1 million
euros raised with employee contributions and donated to small businesses in need
300 thousand
euros will be donated to hospitals fighting the coronavirus, and another 70,000 € will be donated thanks to the contribution of our employees
Over 100
employees involved in the solidarity Contact Tracing project in support of the ATS Metropolitan City of Milan and Lodi
540 SIM cards and tablets
were donated to hospitals in Lombardy, Veneto and the city of Genoa to facilitate contacts between hospitalised patients and their families (in partnership with Huawei and Sprint Academy)


To enable communication and closeness with loved ones, as well as to support business activities at such a difficult time, from 25 February 2022, Fastweb has, as a sign of solidarity for all its residential and business customers, reduced to zero the cost of calls from landlines, text messages and roaming from mobile networks, to and from Ukraine.

In addition, Fastweb and its employees, through the donation of working hours doubled in value by the company, have supported two projects for the Ukrainian war victim population:

  • Over Euro 107,000 were donated to CESVI Fondazione Onlus, for the construction of a heated tent for the first reception in Záhony, Hungary;
  • Over Euro 160,000 were donated to Fondazione Progetto Arca Onlus, for refugee reception activities inside the new centre in Via Antonio Fortunato Stella in Milan, which offers assistance seven days a week to Ukrainian refugees arriving in the city.

We also donated 200 SIM cards to Arca to enable the Ukrainian refugees to stay in touch with friends and relatives.

Fastweb helps small business owners

In 2021 Fastweb and its employees have committed to support small entrepreneurs and businesses such as bars, restaurants, ice cream parlours, pastry shops and small travel agencies, i.e. those that have suffered most from the health crisis.
Through the establishment of a 1 million euro fund, thanks to the cooperation with Cesvi Foundation, 5,000 euro were donated to customer businesses identified by Fastweb employees.

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Fastweb partner of Lilt's Opening Tour “Nastro Rosa 2021”

With the aim of promoting cancer prevention, Fastweb supported the tour of the new LILT (Lega Italiana per la Lotta contro i Tumori - Italian League for the Fight against Tumours) mobile clinic also in 2021, with a health mission: to bring cancer prevention to the most fragile and peripheral areas of the cities of Milan and Monza.

The mobile clinic, equipped with two areas for cutting-edge diagnostic examinations, has reached in fact the peripheral areas of Milan and Monza Brianza, where there are still few opportunities to make early diagnosis part of life. During the entire tour, the visits were open to all women who had never joined or visited the LILT Facilities, regardless of age.

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Fastweb for Action Aid

Fastweb in cooperation its customers supports Ripartire, the ActionAid project against the early school leaving and educational poverty working on training and new skills. Ripartire encourages the inclusion of students, families, schools that are in difficult contexts of the country.

For every euro donated by its customers via subscription, Fastweb will add another, thus doubling the value of the donation.

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Fastweb sponsors MUSE sustainability gallery

With the aim of involving everyone in building an increasingly inclusive and digital future and helping to raise people's awareness of the United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Fastweb is a partner in the new Gallery at MUSE, the Science Museum in Trento, which is entirely dedicated to sustainable development issues.

On the occasion of the creation of the new museum space focused on the themes of sustainable development, Fastweb is present with an installation dedicated to the smart city of the future, where sustainable services that are closer to people come together thanks to the potential of digital technology.

Charity Calls

Fastweb takes part in fund raisers for humanitarian organisations, providing the charity numbers for its customers.
Fastweb customers can make donations by calling from their landlines. The donations are charged to the telephone account on the first available invoice and donated in full to the charitable organisations.

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