Cut down on emissions
with specific actions

At Fastweb we are committed to creating more and more sustainable products every day. But that’s not enough. How they are used makes a difference. Help reduce CO2 emissions.

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A small gesture can make a difference. Help us protect the environment.
By choosing to turn off NeXXt at night (7 hours), you can save up to a total of 190Kg CO2eq over 5 years of use, equivalent to 47% of NeXXt's total emissions.
The emissions saved are equivalent to the greenhouse gas emissions of...
600 Km
travelled by car
(one car journey from Milan to Rome)
280 days
(=10 months) of use
of a domestic refrigerator
1’660 hours
(more than 2 months) of
video-streaming from PCs
820 bottles
1L PET bottles
produced and disposed of
This is an action identified thanks to the Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) carried out on NeXXt; an analysis that aims to measure the emissions emitted throughout a product's life cycle. Out of a total carbon footprint of 404 kg CO2eq, 86% of the emissions produced come from the use phase of NeXXt alone, considering a 5 -year time window. This figure highlights how crucial your help is in minimising the emissions from our products.

Pay attention to devices that need an internet connection even at night, such as video surveillance systems, alarms, telemedicine devices, smart home devices and smart appliances.
Your safety is our priority.

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