You are Future

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With YOU ARE FUTURE, Fastweb has redefined its identity with a new strategic vision. This vision puts people first so that everyone can take part in the future reshaped by the ongoing digitaltransformation.

It is a renewed commitment that includes the development of key infrastructure for the country’s digitalisation to the pursuit of the highest standards of social responsibility and environmental sustainability, with the aim of
helping everyone to build their Future, with confidence.

A more connected, more inclusive, more eco sustainable Future.

What Fastweb envisions and is committed to achieving through digital technology is a more connected, inclusive and eco sustainable future, which is built day by day through the availability of high-performance Gigabit-speed networks and innovative services, broader development of digital skills, development of an inclusive culture that celebrates the unique qualities of every individual and cultivates talent, aligning itself with the best international standards to do its part in the fight against climate change.

More connected Future
We contribute to the digitalisation of the country with ultra-broadband networks and digital solutions to improve the quality of life. We ensure data protection and maximum transparency in our offerings.
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More inclusive Future
We offer everyone the best training tools to take part in the digital revolution and seize its opportunities. Our working environment is dynamic and inclusive.
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More eco sustainable Future
We are working to become a Carbon Neutral company by 2025, through energy efficiency, a focus on resource use and by offering our customers sustainable digital solutions.
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Vision and Values

Fastweb's ambition towards the futureis also based on the shared vision and values that inspire the company and its employees. They are the expression of a company that is constantly evolving in order to remain a key player in the country’s digital transformation.

Our vision

Together we simply connect the future

Our values

We make decisions with our customers’ interests in mind
We take care of our workers
We take care of ourselves
We are digital
We are key players
We are entrepreneurs
We create value for the company
We invest in people and the community
We make sustainable choices for the environment