Open innovation

The Fastweb innovation program, open to the future

Innovation is one of the key elements in Fastweb's history, an attitude that his strongly oriented towards new technology and services and is an expression of those leaps in technology of which Fastweb has been a key player. It is with the same spirit that Fastweb now takes the concept of future innovation and re-interprets it in an "open", diffused and transversal way to continue to play an undisputed role in the country's digitalisation process.

Open Innovation

Open Innovation

Open Innovation is an ambitious innovation project that involves all departments in the company and aims to promote the exchange and contamination with the outside world, with start-ups and with innovation hubs. The objective is to create a virtuous eco-system that can accelerate the transformation of innovative ideas into concrete projects and meet the challenges of the market with speed and simplicity.
By increasing and spreading a culture of innovation at all levels of the organisation and by implementing new methods and tools to transform ideas into agile services and business solutions, Open Innovation gathers contributions and projects with the aim to place people at the forefront of Fastweb's next technological revolution.

2019-2020 CLOSED 1st Wave of
Open Innovation
2020-2021 2nd Wave of
Open Innovation
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#Open2TheFuture is the Open Innovation call from Fastweb, developed in cooperation with Cariplo Factory, for the purpose of collecting innovative ideas, focused on two specific areas of interest, to be transformed into services and concrete solutions capable of responding in a rapid and simple manner to the needs of households and companies profiting from the potential of digital offers which, now more than ever, are becoming a crucial element for the functioning of our society. #Open2TheFuture is a call directed both internally to Fastweb, through the involvement of all employees who may continue to propose and develop ideas, and to the outside ecosystem represented by start-ups and small/medium sized enterprises and Research and University Centres, thus contributing to accelerate the spreading of a new innovative culture to be treasured at the end of this critical historical moment that our country is experiencing. During the 2nd wave of #Open2TheFuture, six projects were selected that stood out for their high level of innovation and adherence to the company’s strategic business vision. Those projects have now reached the prototype development phase. The results of this phase will determine the solutions that may be incorporated in the portfolio of services provided by Fastweb or adopted internally. All the #Open2TheFuture projects have been developed within the framework of two development areas, Data Driven Solutions and Digital Solutions.
Data-Driven Solutions
In these solutions intelligent data management is crucial to supporting the transformation and improvement of strategic decisions, corporate operational efficiency and customer experience, through the use of big data, artificial intelligence and advanced automation tools.
Digital Solutions
In this area digital solutions become the key factor for improving quality of life of individuals, households and small businesses within the areas of entertainment and free time, Smart Homes, health and well-being and security.