The Quinnipiac School of Business students visit Fastweb

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Nexxt to People 31/05/2017
25 students from the Quinnipiac School of Business MBA programme chose to visit Fastweb as an example of an innovative Italian firm

The meeting took place in the Via Caracciolo 51 offices in Milan, the location of the Fastweb Data Centre, which obtained the highest level of certification from the Uptime Institute - Tier IV.

The students attended a seminar in which employees provided them with the context in which a company like Fastweb moves: on the one hand, the telecommunications market in Italy, with its differences from the US market; and on the other, the Fastweb strategy and investments made to remain a leading innovator with 5G.

They then listened to an in-depth analysis of how the Fastweb network works, moving from business to technological issues.

Lastly, the students had the opportunity to visit the Tier IV Data Centre and see with their own eyes what is behind the Internet and the efficiency, power and security features that make this Data Centre an example of excellence and innovation.