Fastweb and "gli Studenti in Fabbrica"

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Nexxt to People 19/05/2017
A day with the students of the LUISS, Rome

The "Students in the Factories" project, in which Fastweb is taking part, springs from the cooperation between LUISS University with Confindustria and Asstel, the aim of which is to integrate the university system with the industrial sector and specifically the TLC sector.

The companies involved offer:

  • Job Shadowing, which allows students to get a closer look at what their profession might be, getting to know the organisation of a company and the people that work there at the same time.
  • Company Visit, which involves bachelor and master's degree students from LUISS, who are given the opportunity to experience company life by means of an on-site visit.


As part of the "Students in the Factories" project,at the Rome branch Fastweb hosted ten LUISS university students, about to complete their degrees in in Marketing and Economics:

  • Who is Fastweb, what are its values and how has it earned its positioning on the TLC market?
  • How does it put into practice the Marketing actions and processes?
  • What does it mean to be a Fastweb salesperson? How does the role evolve with time?
  • What could my profession be at Fastweb?
  • What can you expect once you're a part of the company?

After listening, questions and interaction, the day completed by gathering from the students their first and second impressions, of the company, in other words, before and after the meeting.

And here are their responses in a tag cloud