Fastweb unveils NeXXt, the smart internet box offering a new digital home experience

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Press release 12/05/2021
Fastweb NeXXt is the first internet box launched on the Italian market that includes voice commands and innovative artificial intelligence functions.

Fastweb continues on its path to “Over-the-Top infrastructure”, combining the power of its outstanding technologies with its simple and immediate offers and solutions, by presenting Fastweb NeXXt, the cutting-edge Internet box which, in addition to allowing connection to the Internet, includes voice commands and artificial intelligence functions, to offer an innovative browsing experience that is high-performance, yet simple and personalised.


Fastweb NeXXt is the first router in Italy to incorporate Alexa, the Amazon voice assistant based on cloud and artificial intelligence that allows the performance of a potentially unlimited range of activities with simple voice commands – from making calls and receiving messages, to playing music, setting reminders and checking connected items in the home.


Compatible with all access technologies, NeXXt allows you take the maximum advantage of all the power and quality of Fastweb’s FTTH fibre optic network, which offers a speed of up to 2.5 Gbps in download and 300 Mb/s in upload. Equipped with cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6 technology, which allows the simultaneous connection of up to 128 devices, enabling a potentially higher connection speed than the previous standards, NeXXt can also be complemented by Fastweb Boosters, powerful Wi-Fi signal repeaters with integrated smart speakers, which guarantee the stability and continuity of the connection and interaction with Alexa from every corner of the home.


“Accompanying all our customers along the journey undertaken towards digital transformation, making life easier, has always been our mission. That is why NeXXt is so much more than an internet box, it is the smart brain of the home of the future, allowing simple and innovative management of connection and functions linked to the many connected items in the digital home”, states Alberto Calcagno, Fastweb’s managing director. “We designed our internet box for increasingly inclusive digitalisation that is within everyone’s reach owing to the option to manage the technology with the immediacy of the voice. It is a unique modem in Italy, conceived as a platform that evolves over time and on which we will progressively develop innovative services based on the cloud and IoT to enhance our customers’ experience”.

NeXXt ensures a personalisable browsing experience that can proactively optimise the home ultra-broadband connection based on diverse use habits, through the creation of different profiles to be associated with the components of the family unit and the devices used by each of them: for example, setting “working from home” mode on your PC or creating “school” mode on your children’s tablets, to boost the connection during working or studying hours, pausing the Wi-Fi or planning the shut down time for certain devices or activating Parental Control to ensure children can browse safely. All the new functions for personalised management of the connection can be configured by with the simple and immediate use of the voice, activating Alexa, or through the MyFastweb app.

The idea of NeXXt is to simplify customers lives, even in relation to the company itself: in the event of dips in performance of the line, the digital box itself will contact customer service automatically to request the restoration of the connection functions, without the customer needing to call customer care.


NeXXt was developed as an innovation but without neglecting sustainability: the inclusion Wi-Fi6 guarantees better standards of security and a reduction in energy consumption owing to its smart system, which can enable the Wi-Fi chips of devices connected wirelessly, only if necessary.


NeXXt will be included for free in all Fastweb offers for new customers as of Monday 17 May and subsequently the new internet box will also be available for existing Fastweb customers, who can request them directly in the customer area of MyFastweb and through the MyFastweb app.