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Press release

Fastweb revolutionises customer care activities and brings back to Italy part of the activities carried out abroad

Press release 16/12/2020
The agreement signed with the new supplier Concentrix provides for the transfer to Italy of part of the customer care services currently being carried out abroad and for the creation of about 250 jobs at Cagliari and Lecce.

A customer care in constant evolution, in line with the company's strategy based on an "Over the top Infrastructured" approach, capable of combining its infrastructural vocation with immediacy and simplicity of use, powered by digital platforms: it is with this spirit that Fastweb has executed a four year agreement with Concentrix, a global leading group in customer care services and business processes with the objective of strengthening customer care services and offering an experience of excellence in terms of efficiency and operating quality. 

Concentrix was selected because of its high-quality standards, its strategic vision and expertise that make it the ideal partner to guide the digital transformation of Fastweb customer care service. A development path where digital channels like Whatsapp and MyFastweb app will become the main communication tools with the customers in order to simplify relationships, minimise waiting time and offer an increasingly more efficient service. At the same time, self-care digital tools will also be strengthened enabling the customer to resolve technical and administrative issues as quickly as possible. 

In line with the long-term strategy of Fastweb, the agreement provides for the transfer in 2021 to the Concentrix offices located in Cagliari and Lecce of part of the activities currently being performed abroad and the consequent creation of about 250 new jobs.

Concentrix will also ensure the application of the "social clause" for the call center operators who are already working in Italy for Fastweb with the previous provider.

The challenge undertaken by Fastweb aims at the progressive updating of customer care activities based on a model capable of meeting the new immediate response and simplicity of use requirements of the customers through an increasingly innovative and easily accessible interaction method. At the same time, the company is reconfirming its commitment to social responsibility by contributing to strengthen the presence in Italy of a Customer Care service industry that is professional, of high quality and sustainable in terms of competitiveness and cost-effectiveness.