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Kogler Joins e.Biscom Partnership to Head Up German Expansion

Comunicati 23/04/2001
e.Biscom S.p.A., Italy's leading provider of broadband telecommunication and advanced Internet services as well as on-line media, today announced a long-term agreement with Discovery Networks Europe, one of Europe's top factual broadcasters, for content delivery viaBernd J. Kogler, 42, will join the e.Biscom partnership to lead the Italian broadband telecommunication company's expansion in Germanya Video-on-Demand.

Assumes CEO Position at HanseNet Telekommunikation

Milan, April 23, 2001 - Bernd J. Kögler, 42, will join the e.Biscom (Milan's Nuovo Mercato: EBI) partnership to lead the Italian broadband telecommunication company's expansion in Germany.

Kögler, who will leave his position at the end of this month as Deputy Member of the Executive Board at Mannesmann Arcor where he has special responsibilities for marketing and product delelopmet, will also assume the role of Chief Executive Officer of Hamburg-based HanseNet Telekommunikation GmbH, effective May 1, 2001.

"In his career, Kögler has already demonstrated outstanding entrepreneurial and leadership capabilities in fast-growing businesses," said e.Biscom Chief Executive Officer Silvio Scaglia. "I'm convinced that by joining our team he will help us achieve excellent growth in Germany, a strategic market for e.Biscom."

Kögler will jointly manage HanseNet with its current CEO Karl-Heinz Maever until this fall at which time Maever will reach the maximum age limit for retirement while still offering consultancy services to HanseNet.

e.Biscom made its first investment outside of Italy when it bought an 80 percent stake in HanseNet from Hamburgische Electricitaets-Werke AG in October last year. With the purchase of HanseNet, e.Biscom acquired over 1,800 km of infrastructure in one of Germany's highest telecommunication-spending cities.

e.Biscom is currently enhancing HanseNet's telecommunication services offering by adding Internet Protocol (IP) technology in order to provide broadband connections and value-added services to both business and residential clients.

Attached: Curriculum Vitae Bernd J. Kögler


Curriculum Vitae

Bernd J. Kögler

Bernd J. Kögler, born in 1958, studied telecommunications technology and in 1983 began his career as a development engineer for transmission systems and later project manager at Alcatel SEL in Stuttgart.

In 1988, Kögler moved on to become the LAN Projects Sales Manager at Philips Kommunikationsindustrie AG (later Nokia Kabel GmbH) in Cologne.

From 1995 until 1997, Kögler was Sales Manager and Business Unit Manager Network Technologies at Richard Hirschmann GmbH und Co., Neckartenzlingen.

In 1997, Kögler became Managing Director of Isis Multimedia Net GmbH & Co. KG, the first German city network operator in Düsseldorf, where he was in charge of sales, order management, information technology, as well as controlling/finance.

In March 2000, he was appointed Deputy Member of the Executive Board at Mannesmann Arcor with special responsibilities for marketing and product delelopment.