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We have faith in the future, in innovation and in the contribution the younger generation can make to society.
We promote our commitment to the country, strengthening the virtuous link with the world of education, schools and universities, with the aim of supporting the development of tomorrow's professionals by sharing skills and know-how and encouraging the spread of digital expertise for a more inclusive and sustainable future.

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In an increasingly changing working environment, we actively contribute to the creation of educational tracks that meet concrete needs for the acquisition of digital and transversal skills with the aim of better preparing young people and students for the challenges of the future.


To this end, we build contacts and relationships with universities, including through membership of the Associate Programmes promoted by various universities (such as, for example, Università Luigi Bocconi and Politecnico di Milano) to meet orientation and training needs and promote real experiences for the development of innovative skills.
There will be many opportunities to meet and take part in events and initiatives that will focus on technological innovation, project work and how to deal effectively with a job interview, as well as opportunities for discussion and reflection on Gender Equity and women in STEM subjects.
All these programmes are possible thanks to the contribution of Fastweb managers and professionals who make their experience available to students, offering encouragement and vertical perspectives for professional development and growth.


In order to respond to the national economic system's demand for training and scientific research, and to be a proactive player of an on-going process of cultural advancement and integration, we support male and female students through a number of scholarships in partnership with various universities.

In particular, Fastweb has joined the Girls@Polimi, the scholarship programme to support female engineering students, created by Politecnico di Milano to encourage their career plans in the field of innovation and technology.

PCTO (Formerly School-Work Integration)

Since 2016 Fastweb has been committed to contributing to PCTO projects (formerly School-Work Integration), promoting orientation classes to bring male and female students closer to the world of work with the aim of spreading digital culture and the spirit of innovation in society.


Owing to the medical emergency linked to Covid-19, Fastweb has launched a series of measures to protect the health and safety of its employees, who have been given the opportunity to work from home. As a result, the “Course for Transversal Skills and Induction” (formerly School-Work Alternation) has undergone certain changes to protect young people’s safety.

The classes have become digital, making it possible to maintain the connection with students and ensure the possibility of accessing, even remotely, guidance initiatives aimed at discovering digital technology and its potential for the development of new technologies and the professions of the future.

In addition to the remote visit of the headquarters in Milan with an institutional presentation of the company, a look into the job market and a view in virtual mode of the latest generation Tier IV certified Data Center, Fastweb supports "PCTO Fastweb", the project created in collaboration with Associazione Thumbs Up. Following the success of the last edition, the 2021 - 2022 school year initiative took place totally online from 07 to 31 march 2022 and was attended by 149 students from 4 different school between Milan, Rome, Naples and Bari.

Conceived with the aim of supporting and guiding students, working on their motivation and awareness, PCTO Fastweb was divided into 3 phases: a specific orientation course, a coaching session, an in-depth study of the world of telecommunications and the way of work at Fastweb with a virtual visit to the Data Center.

The following activities remain suspended:

- Internships generally held in February, June and October

- The Fastweb Digital Academy Project - Digital Integration promoted by Fastweb Digital Academy with the support of Cariplo Factory and Thumbs Up.

Read the testimonials of the girls and boys who have lived the experience of PCTO with Fastweb

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